Furious True-D V3.5 Diversity Receiver System Firmware 3.7 (FatShark Attitude Version)

PRICE: $79.95

For pilots with FatShark Attitude Goggles (V3 + V4), please refer to these links below:

True-D V3.5 Firmware V3.7 for Attitude Version: Click here

Spare cover of True-D V3.5 for Attitude Version: Click here

* Firmware True-D 3.7D to use with DOCKKING Ground Station: For Windowfor Mac

* Link for Ground Station: Click here

* Link for Combo Dock-King Ground Station and True-D Firmware 3.7D: Click here



How to use Finf Mode:

How to use Exit Main Menu:

Flash Firmware Loader for MAC OSX:

Flash Firmware Loader for Window:

How to assemble TrueD V3.7 Attitude into Fatshark Attitude: