Furious FPV SILKY 20A 8BB2 2in1 BLHELI-S ESC
SKU: FPV-0049-S

PRICE: $28.95




Low cost and high in performance, the FURIOUSFPV SILKY ESC line offers all aspects of capability, such as 2S - 4S programming, MultiShot, and tuneable parameters - all with smooth throttle response and quiet overall operation.

Integrated with coding to prevent synch loss, the ESC performs well under high demand situations and works well with all manners of motors and aircraft. Further this with coding that supports regular 1-2ms pulse with inputs, as well as OneShot125, OneShot42 and MultiShot setups, this ESC is an excellent performer in all aspects of demand.


- BLHeli firmware for excellent performance

- Hardware generated motor pwm for ultra smooth throttle response / quite operation

- All coding utilized damped light mode functionality

- Damped light mode provides regenerative braking capability for rapid motor rpm decay

- Active freewheeling capability

- Supports regular 1-2ms pulse width inputs, along with OneShot125, OneShot42, and MultiShot

- ESC input signal is auto detected upon ESC power up

- Supports beacon functionality to aid aircraft recovery when lost

- Ultra bright green color LED installed on the esc

- Most powerful 8BB2 48MZH frequency chips 

Technical Specifications:

  • Continuous Current: 20A
  • Peak Current (10s): 25A
  • BEC: no
  • Lipo: 2s - 4s
  • Programming: Yes
  • Weight: 7.9g
  • Size: 27x 27mm, distance hole to hole is 20.5x20.5m