FuriousFPV True-D V3/V3.5 Transparent Cover (FatShark Attitude V3/V4)
SKU: FPV-0330-S

PRICE: $4.95

* This is spare plastic injection door cover for FuriousFPV TRUE-D V3 and V3.5 Door cover.  Not compatible with True-D V1 and V2


- Ergonomic new plastic injection cover

- Better protection mechanic to protect the OLED screen in transportation

- New locking system between True-D boards and cover to prevent short circuit 

- USB plug-in without removing the plastic cover

-Designed for perfect fit with FatShark Goggles Attitude V3 + V4

Color: Transparent



Guideline asenble True-D V3.6 Attitude into the Fatshark Atitude V3/V4