Furious FPV SILKY32 25A 32bit 48Mhz ESC w/ Green LED
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Furious SILKY 25A ESC - Changing the Way You FPV.

Compact, light weight and ultra sophisticated, Furious brings an entirely new ESC to the table that is ready to redefine your FPV experience.

With the rush of micro FPV racing, Furious brings about massive levels of sophistication, capability and refinement to the FPV scene, providing an epic experience with the very latest in processing technology.

Developed specifically for the micro FPV scene, the SILKY 25A ESC takes full advantage of the latest processing power & speed, providing the perfect fit & blend when it comes to ultra sophisticated flight controller capability.

Whether you're racing, flying freestyle, or simply immersing yourself in the world of micro FPV flight, the Furious SILKY 25A ESC is the perfect choice for the ultimate in micro FPV.

32-bit ARM Processing Power - Resolution Like Never Before.

For the ultimate in rapid response high resolution flight, the SILKY 25A ESC incorporates 32-bit ARM processing power that is 4 times more powerful than a conventional 8-bit ESC. This insane level of processing speed provides maximum levels of stability, fluidity and dynamic maneuverability that directly translates into the smoothest FPV flight you will ever see or feel.

HyperFlik - Simplified Switch Activated Motor Reversing

Tired or re-wiring your ESC's? So are we, which is why we designed a simple two position switch that allows you to change the motor direction in one ultra fast step. No more swapping wires, re-soldering or guesswork needed when it comes to motor direction. One switch, and your done.

SpinSafe Intelligent Motor Protection - Motor Failures Be Gone.

Never worry about burning up your motors again. With built in SpinSafe motor protection, the ESC programming will sense when a propeller is unnaturally loaded, forcing the ESC to shut down before critical motor failure takes place. This feature saves your motors in the event of a crash, allowing the aircraft to enter into a failsafe state to prevent further damage to your motors and props.

OneShot & MultShot Support - Pick Your Poison.

Designed to take full advantage of modern day flight controllers, the SILKY ESC is ready with OneShot & MultiShot support, allowing the pilot in command to push this ESC to the extreme. With these two high resolution protocols, you can expect unimaginable levels of precision and stability that equate to epic levels of FPV flight.

Compact & Low Drag - Mach Speed Awaits.

with a 30x23mm sizing, the SILKY 25A ESC is designed to limit aerodynamic drag to the smallest of degrees, all the while taking up the least amount of real estate possible. This light weight, compact, low drag design lends perfectly to a myriad of micro quad copters, allowing ease of installation within the aircraft for maximum levels of aerodynamic speed.

Super Bright LED's - Day or Night, You'll Be Seen.

Taking advantage of ultra bright LED technology, the SILKY 25A ESC adds massive levels of visibility to keep your quad lit up and out front. LED's make everything look better, providing the flair and finish every pilot desires.  And it's ready for you.  No need any wiring or soldering.

 Manual SILKY32: Furious_ESC_manual          Furious_Prog_card_Mannual

  • Battery capacity:              2-6S LiPo

  • Continuous Current:        25 A

  • Peak Current(10s):          30 A

  • BEC:                                 NO

  • Weight(Include wire):     16 g

  • Size(PCB)                         30 x 23 x 8  mm