Furious FPV VTX Camera-FX806T with replaceable uf.l antenna connector
SKU: FPV-0172-S

PRICE: $39.99


The FX806T is combo of VTX and camera which is detachable so it can be placed anywhere on inductrix, tinywhoop or Moskito 70FR at any configuration.  This super light weight combo now comes with uf.l connector for replaceable antennas.  Recommend clover antenna for better signal and longer range.


CAMERA specifications:

 Power supply:3.7-5V

 Current consumption:60mA


 FOV:120 degree viewing angle

 Video format: NTSC

 Mini illumination:1.0 lux



 VTX specifications:

 Model number:FX806T

 Power supply:2.5-5V

 Current consumption:150mA3.7V,110mA@5V

 Working frequency:5.8GHz

 Output power:25mW

 Channel:USA legal 37 channels with Raceband

 Video band width:6.0MHz

 Antenna:dipole whip antenna or RHCP antenna with uf.l connector (antenna not included)




Antenna U.FL recommended:

- Furious FPV 37mm 5.8Ghz U.FL LHCP
- Furious FPV 37mm 8.8Ghz U.LF RHCP



 Operating Instructions

 Changing frequency band and channel

First red LED for channel, other 5 blue LEDs for frequency band, after power on, Red LED on for first channel of frequency band-5740MHz.

1. Single press Band/Channel button to change channel, channel LED always keeps red for 1st channel of any band, for other channels,channel LED OFF

2. Press and hold button for 2 second to change frequency band,blue band LED will skip to next one accordingly.

Below is channel table for your kind reference