Fishpepper 5A BB2 48MHz DSHOT600 1-2S 4in1 ESC
SKU: FPV-0252-S

PRICE: $24.95

Furious FPV is glad to partner with Fishpepper to offer the most awaited 5A 4-in-1 ESC with 16x16mm hole to hole size.  These ESCs are perfect for micro fpv frames that run 1s or 2s with clean setup.  It is designed to be stackable on 16x16mm flight controllers such as Racewhoop


-       EFM8BB2 MCU runs at 48Mhz

-       Support Dshot600

-       Battery: 1-2S Lipo

-       Constant Current: 5A

-       Burst Current: 7A

-       Size: 16x16mm M2 hole-to-hole spacing (20x20mm outer dimension)

-       Firmware: BLHeli_S

-       Weight (no wires): 1.4 gram

ESC 4in1 stack with Racewhoop FC